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Car scratches are an unfortunate fact of life. Even the most careful of drivers can have a scratch appear on their car through simple acts of nature or mishaps on the road. When a car scratch does occur, they not only look unsightly, but they can end up reducing the value of your vehicle.

As well as looking bad there is a hidden danger with car scratches that means they need to be addressed. Through leaving a scratch on your car and neglecting to undertake scratch removal or stone chip repair on your car’s paintwork, you can actually leave it vulnerable, and this can lead to chronic or escalating rust problems at a later date. What this means is that, further on down the line, the damage could cost a lot more to repair, as it may need to include rust repair as well. Those additional costs can easily be avoided by repairing scratches as and when they happen with simple car scratch repair techniques.

In the past, the only options for car paint repair available to the general public were costly body shops or through using insurance premiums. The good news is that those two options are no longer just the only choices available. Instead, here at ChipsAway we are experts in minor car body repair, and with our SMART repair techniques, the option for car scratch repair has never been so viable. Through using SMART repair, we can provide a service that is economic and efficient, allowing for you to get your car scratches repaired, and your car back to normal in no time.

Our task is to make it as easy as possible to get your car back on the road, and looking as good as new, in no time.

Car Scratch Repair Experts

ChipsAway Ireland are Car Scratch Repair Experts

Quick and Convenient Car Scratch Repairs

Long gone are the days when a scratch repair would take days to complete. Due to our efficient process, a ChipsAway car scratch repair will take just a few hours to finish, and it can be done at a fraction of the cost of traditional body shops. All of our repairs are fully guaranteed meaning that you can be confident knowing that you are getting the best quality of car scratch repair. Our job is to provide you with a fantastic repair, as quickly as possible, at a time that suits you.

At ChipsAway Ireland, we offer a mobile car paint repair service across Dublin and the surrounding areas. We also have two repair centres: North Dublin in Castleknock and South Dublin in Sandyford, designed with your convenience in mind. No matter where in Dublin you are based, we have a car scratch repair team ready to help.

Our car scratch repair service has been designed with your ease in mind. Booking with our ChipsAway Dublin team will help you save time and avoid the hassle. Our mobile scratch repair specialists are dedicated to going the extra mile and ensuring our service is convenient for you. We can repair your car whether you are at home, at work, or even away on holiday.

Professional Colour Matching and Repair

At ChipsAway we have pioneered a SMART car scratch repair technique, using our Small to Medium Area Repair Technology. Where, in the past, getting a scratch fixed would usually mean having to remove and repair the entire panel, by using SMART techniques we only need to repair the damaged area, without needing to repaint an entire panel. This makes the car scratch repair quicker and more efficient. It also makes the repair far more cost effective.

During our car scratch repair process, our experts use colour matching technology to ensure the repair the paint in such a way that it precisely matches the manufacturer’s original code specification. This creates a fantastic finish, ensuring that the repair blends in perfectly to the surrounding paintwork.

Whether you need a single scratch removed from the side panel of your car, keyed car repair or multiple scuffs and scrapes repaired, ChipsAway Ireland can quickly restore your car’s paintwork to pristine condition.

Here at ChipsAway Ireland we are specialists in car paint repair. We have designed our car paint repair service to ensure that it is dedicated to providing you an excellent and economic service no matter where you are based in Dublin. Contact us for a quote today.

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