Alloy Wheel Repair and Refurbishment

When you’ve invested in a set of alloy wheels for your car, you want to keep them in pristine condition, helping to maintain the look and value of your vehicle. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Scuffed and kerbed alloy wheels are an all-too-common occurrence, and when your alloy wheels do get damaged, you want to get them repaired as quickly as possible. There is nothing worse than persistent alloy wheel damage on your car.

Here at ChipsAway, we remove the damage to make your alloy wheels look like new.

Here at ChipsAway Ireland, we are experts in alloy wheel repair and refurbishment to help restore them to their original condition. Our alloy repair techniques for scuffed and kerbed alloy wheel rims and spokes are not only fast, but also a professional and cost-effective service. With a reputation for excellent results, we repair alloy wheels from all over Dublin. No matter what your car is or how it ended up damaged, we endeavor to give you a well finished alloy wheel repair every single time. Our job is to get your alloy wheels repaired and on the road again as quickly and efficiently as we possibly can.

No matter whether you have scratched or dented your alloy wheels, we provide a service that can be relied upon to return your car wheels to their original condition. We specialise in providing a service that will take your damaged wheels to their original condition without breaking the bank.

Alloy Wheel Repair - Before and After

Professional Alloy Repair and Refurbishment

Our experienced car alloy wheel repair specialists will always undertake the most appropriate repair for you and your car. We don’t make compromises when it comes to the final finish and we stand by our results. You can expect nothing but professional, outstanding service, and a finish that is built to last. Our job is to repair your alloy wheels to a quality, and with a service, that you can be happy with.

At ChipsAway Ireland, we provide a service that goes above and beyond. Not only are we are able to repair alloy wheels to their original pristine condition, we also help to prevent the risk of further damage from exposure to the weather and corrosive road salts. This means we don’t only get your wheels looking fantastic, but we finish them in a way that lasts.

ChipsAway Ireland’s alloy wheel repairs and refurbishments are fully guaranteed, meaning you can rest easy knowing the repair will of the highest possible standard. From a full alloy wheel rim repair to refurbishing alloy wheels so they look as good as new – we have you covered.

Here at ChipsAway Ireland, we don’t only repair alloy wheels but can help you with a wide array of minor car body repair. As well as alloy wheel repair, we can help you with scratches or dents on the surface of your car, as well repair scuffed bumpers. You can call us today for a free quote.


Is it worth having alloy wheels repaired?

Yes, it is worth having alloy wheels repaired rather than replacing them altogether. Getting alloy wheel repair can save money as it is significantly cheaper than buying new wheels. Additionally, repairing your wheels can help maintain the value of your vehicle and improve its appearance. If your alloy wheels are damaged, it is always recommended to take them to a professional repair service like ChipsAway.

How much does it cost to fix a cracked alloy wheel?

Alloy Wheel Repair cost depends on the size and type of damage, the size of the wheel itself and how many you need repaired. For example repairing a set of 15 inch wheels can be £300 while a set of 21 inch wheels may be above £340. This will always be cheaper than replacing your alloy wheels entirely however.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

How to Arrange Your Alloy Wheel Repair

ChipsAway Ireland offer an alloy repair service for all of Dublin. We have two conveniently located bodyshops: one in Castleknock, North Dublin and one in Sandyford, South Dublin. No matter where abouts in Dublin you are based, we can help you out.

To get in touch, please fill in our online form and we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate for the cost of your alloy wheel repair. Alternatively, please feel free to give us a call on 1800 937 226.

Our Lifetime Ownership Guarantee

You can trust us.

We are so confident in our alloy wheel and alloy rim repairs that they come with a lifetime ownership guarantee.

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Ready to book your alloy wheel repair?

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