Reflecting on popular 2022 car colours and what they might mean about the driver’s personality traits, here we take a tongue in cheek look at what your car colour says about you.

Research has revealed exactly what the colour of your car says about you – let’s see if you agree!

Does Your Car Colour Reflect Your Personality?

While grey remains the most popular car colour in the UK for the fourth year running (SMMT) additional colours are rising in the ranks. From black and white to purple and gold – what does your car colour choice say about you?

In a recent study with top colour psychologist Karen Haller, behavioural colour psychologist and author of The Little Book of Colour, we can finally deifier what our car colour really says about our personality.

Whether you want to blend in or stand out, we have a roundup of some popular car colours:

  1. Red Cars

While it might be obvious to some drivers, it is said red car owners love being the centre of attention. Confident, adventurous and outgoing – there’s possibly a subconscious reason too – as we apparently see red before we see any other colour, making it appear to go faster!

  1. Grey Cars

On the other hand, grey car owners don’t like the spotlight and prefer not to be seen. Think inconspicuous, conservative and measured personalities, cruising behind the wheel of grey cars.

  1. Black Cars

According to the study, black is symbolic of car owners who like being in control, don’t like to be questioned and are sophisticated perfectionists. Ever wondered who just drove past in a blacked out car – yes that’s because they like to remain mysterious!

  1. Silver Cars

A traditional car colour choice, silver car owners are perceived as elegant and calm. An upgrade from grey, it is perceived as a prestigious car colour but understated colour choice – for those who prefer the finer things in life.

  1. Gold Cars

It’s no surprise that is takes a little confidence to drive gold car, but for the right person it’s perfect for catching people’s eye and showing off their prized possession. Successful, radiant, and status driven by nature, gold car colour drivers are definitely bold.

  1. White Cars

Rising in popularity in recent years, white car owners are emotionally happiest when their lives are simple and pristine – they are looking for calm in their lives.

Sound like you? You will likely enjoy closing the door on the noise and chaos of the outside world while you enjoy the journey.

  1. Blue Cars

This is a soothing light colour and people who pick this colour car are mentally calm and positive in their outlook. They tend to be approachable and love to start a conversation.

Are you a blue-sky thinker, driving a light blue car? Likely to be easy going, and mentally calm in their outlook on life – blue is a popular collur for drivers in the UK.

  1. Green Cars

Thoroughly British, racing green car owners still enjoy the classic gravitas this colour still carries today. While it is said to be a stately, traditional colour associated with nostalgic personality types – you are possibly retired and enjoying the slower pace of life. A popular colour used by MINI Countryman advertisers, there is also a strong link to the countryside.

  1. Pink Cars

While it might be quite daring to drive a pink car, it is said pink car drivers are sweet, caring and are always putting others first. If you are loving and tactile by nature, perhaps a pink car colour is the perfect choice for your next car.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Car Colour

Aside from aesthetics, there are some other considerations behind choosing your next car colour. From resale value, to hiding everyday dirt – here are some practical factors to consider when choosing a car colour.

Car Colours That Hide Dirt

If you love your car as much as the next proud car woner, but not so keen on cleaning it too regularly, choosing a particular colours might be a good idea. When choosing a car colour, it is wise to consider how quickly it will look dirty.  Unexpectedly, black cars show dust and dirt the fastest – as well as white cars which will also need washing more frequently! Grey and silver and ideal car colours to choose when thinking practical up keep as they both help hide the dirt for longer

Resale Value of Car Colours

While pink car colours might describe their owners as lovely individuals, they are an eclectic choice and you may find it more difficult to sell to a suitably lovely new owner!

More subtle colours are likely to retain their value in the long term as they hold onto their deriability – the most popular colours in the UK being grey, white and black – giving them a better resale price.

Whichever car colour you choose, if your paintwork is damaged, you will deteriorate the resale value of your car. No matter the colour, at ChipsAway, our specialists can colour match any paint colour and finish with our colour-matching technology.

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