When your car gets chipped, dinged, or scratched it can be a pain to put right. In the past it used to be that, if you were unlucky enough to have your car scraped or dented, then you would need to take it into a car body repair shop, and that they would need to remove the damaged body panel in order to repair it. This took time, and could often end up being relatively expensive, depending on precisely what needed doing.

Over the past few years, SMART repair has become a well-known acronym in the world of car repair. Unlike traditional methods, SMART repair is a method of repair that is faster and more convenient that traditionally repair methods, providing an alternative that is generally a lot quicker and less expensive than having to take off an entire panel in order to remove the damage.

So, what is SMART Repair? What is the SMART repair process, and what does SMART repair mean for your vehicle?

What is SMART repair?

SMART repair stands for Small to Medium Area Repair technology. Unlike with traditional techniques, as explored above, the SMART repair method is a lot more precise, and allows the damaged area to be honed in on in a way that wasn’t originally thought possible.

SMART repair is a really interesting and unique way of repairing damage to a car. In the past, the only way to repair damage was to remove a panel in order to pound out a dent, or to repaint an entire area in order to make sure the colours matched. SMART repair takes these two common problems and simplifies them by making it so that only the area of the repair needs to be fixed. This means that it is possible to repair a dent or a scratch using a SMART repair technique, and not only achieve a flawless finish but also to complete the repair for a fraction of the cost and in a small percentage of the time. This makes SMART repairs a win/win situation.

What type of damage can SMART Repair be used for?

The SMART repair technique is a versatile one and can be used for a multitude of different types of damage. The four core types of damage that can be repaired using a small to medium area repair technology include dents, scratches, damaged alloy wheels, and dinged bumpers. That being said, SMART repair can also be used for stone chip repairs and to help touch up damaged areas as well.

All-in-all, SMART repair is a technique that can be used across a wide range of damage types. No matter the type of damage, SMART repairs allow for a smooth and amazing finish, no matter what has happened to your car. Whether a dent in your door or a scratch in your bumper, the SMART repair technique can help you restore your car back to fantastic condition.

How does SMART Repair Work?

SMART repair is an umbrella term covering a variety of different techniques that can be used in order to help repair minor damage from a car.

For cars that have a dent in the side of them, Paintless Dent Removal (also known as PDR) is a well-known SMART repair technique designed to help remove a dent without the need to repaint the surrounding area. This is done by massaging the dent out of the surrounding area, and gently reforming the area to ensure that it is perfectly returned to its original shape.

Paintless Dent Removal is perfect when the actual surface of the paint hasn’t been damaged, allowing for time and money to be saved in the repair of the car.

When the surface of the car has been damaged then SMART scratch repair can be used in order to seal up the scratch before repainting it. Once sealed, then our specialists use a spectrophotometer in order to perfectly match the colour of the paint repair with the rest of the colour of the car. This means that only the small area of the repair needs to be repainted, rather than the whole panel, not only ensuring the repair matches the surrounding area, but making the whole repair faster and more convenient.

Compared to a traditional repair, SMART repairs have a number of core benefits. Not only is it generally faster and cheaper, but compared to more traditional techniques it can yield better results.

SMART Repair from ChipsAway Dublin

At ChipsAway Dublin, we are experts in SMART repair. Our highly experienced technicians are happy to help you return your car back to the condition it was in, helping remove any dents, scratches, or scrapes you have. No matter whether you have a ding in your bumper, or a kerb mark on you alloy wheels, we are more than happy to help.

At ChipsAway Dublin, all of our SMART repairs come with a lifetime guarantee. We pride ourselves on outstanding service and being able to help you return your car to a fantastic condition.

At ChipsAway Dublin we are proud of the relationship and reputation we have built up with our clients for brilliant service and amazing results.

If you would like to find out more about how ChipsAway Dublin can deliver results for your vehicle, you can contact us today for a free, obligation free, quote.

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