Alloy wheel repair kits are a do it yourself solution to fixing a damaged alloy wheel. With many available it is important to understand the overall pros and cons to this method before investing time and money into a kit. In most instances the kits tend to all work in a similar manner, although the end result will differ from kit to kit and is usually reflective of the cost/brand.

To help you decide if a DIY solution is the best for you, we have provided you with some common pros and cons of an alloy wheel repair kit.

What’s included in an alloy repair kit?

Before understanding the good and bad elements of these kits, understanding their contents is key. It allows you to know what you’re paying for and the various complexity of the product. We have listed common kit materials as they only differ slightly and all promise to provide a professional finish. A kit will typically include:

  • Primer – to prep the area 
  • Filler – the substance used to fill in the scratch
  • Sandpaper – needed to smooth over the filler (use the finest paper for this)
  • Lacquer – apply this sealant at the end to protect the paint
  • Latex gloves – to protect your hands from the materials in the kit
  • Applicator tools – a variation of brushes, sponges and wipes

With these tools you are then able to create a smoother surface by filling in the damaged area before using the paint supplied to repaint the area.

Alloy Wheel Repair Kit Pros

For drivers who aren’t looking to sell their car soon or want to conceal minor damage an alloy wheel repair kit may be a desirable do it yourself option. Since alloys are often sought after when purchasing a new car, improving their overall appearance can increase the resale value of the vehicle at a later date too. This is usually the main reason for using a kit especially if there is only light/medium damage as they are proven to work better on isolated areas. The finish is less noticeable and smaller damage consumes less time.

The Cons of Alloy Wheel Repair Kit

While price can be an influential factor for purchasing a kit, it comes at a greater cost which is often the finish. While many kits promise a professional finish, they seldom do. Since many factors contribute to a lower finish it is worth understanding the limitations before purchasing a kit. When researching into kits similar issues arise:

  • Unprofessional finish
  • Different paint colour
  • Lengthy process

Unprofessional finish – This is the result of limited materials in spite of the kits various sizes. The sand paper may be too grainy or the primer isn’t the right consistency. Together with the extent of the damage, these factors cause the finish to look untidy and noticeable from a short distance.

Colour matching – With many shades available it can feel like the right shade for your alloy is out there, however this is rarely the case. Since these kits aren’t sold by the manufacturer colour matching the paint to the original finish is sometimes impossible. We recommend going in-store with a clear, well lit image of your alloy to try to match to or finding the original colour spec online before risking choosing the wrong the shade.

Time consuming – Although it is apparent you will need to spend some time repairing the alloy with this kit, it is actually a lot longer than anticipated. The prep time can often take longer and the process can be particularly affected by the weather. For instance on hot days the filler is likely to dry very quickly which can cause an uneven finish if the application is rushed. It is recommended that you fill a small section at a time, with sometimes multiple applications to try to rebuild the area. Likewise on colder days you may have to wait longer between coats for the paint to dry.

Professional Alloy Wheel Repair

If a professional finish is pivotal when repairing your alloy, a professional service is required. Professional alloy wheel repair is a no-compromise solution to restoring the original condition of your alloy. Able to repair small scuffs to larger dents, our technicians are trained to use certain techniques to fix all types of damage. If you have tried a kit to little avail or would prefer to utilise professional alloy wheel repair services ChipsAway Ireland is the right place.

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