When you’re planning to sell your car, the first thing you need to consider is whether you’ll sell it privately or through a dealer. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to assess what’s important to you. Are you after a quick sale? Are you good at talking to people and able to sell the best aspects of your car? However you’re planning on doing it, the important thing is getting as much money as you can for it. We’ve got a few ‘must do’ points to help you get started.

  1. Thoroughly clean your car out – ensure all rubbish is cleared out of the car and that you only have the bare essentials you need. Dust, hoover and clean upholstery. It may be a good investment to have it valeted.
  2. Don’t transport pets around in the car whilst you’re trying to sell it. The smell lingers and although you can’t smell it – potential buyers will be able to. If you can, try and air the car out as much as possible before a viewing.
  3. Ensure your service history is up to date and easily accessible should a potential buyer want to see it. Also check your tax disc is in date and your MOT certificate is to hand.
  4. Have any imperfections in the paintwork repaired, including dents and scratches. Many buyers will use bumps and scuffs as leverage to beat you down on price, repairing these can maximise the value of your car and potentially add hundreds to your final selling price. Don’t forget to check the alloys!
  5. Stay safe if you are planning on selling your car privately – don’t meet people alone and never let them take the car for a test drive on their own. If you have to meet someone alone, always do it in a public and busy place. Don’t leave buyers alone with the keys.

Once you have been successful in selling your car, always notify the DVLA immediately and remember you can claim a refund on your tax disc if you have full months left. You should always do you research and investigate how much similar cars are going for. That way you’ll be better equipped to make a decision on accepting an offer.

If you need us to bring your car back to its original shining quality before selling, give us a call and we’ll sort out your paintwork damage! Call 0800 145 5118 or fill out the form on the right to find your local specialist and request a free no obligation quote. To help you on your way, we’re currently running an offer on www.creditplus.co.uk where you will get 15% off repairs booked in by the 20th December 2013. Creditplus’ advent calendar is showcasing special offers throughout December preparation for Christmas, stay up to date and click here for more info.

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