Car damage, such as an accidental scratch or dent from driving is stressful enough, without it being due to deliberate ‘car keying’ damage.

Of course, these things happen, but knowing how to fix car key damage quickly will help you to move on from the problem without having to glance at it every time you jump in the car.

Specialist car keyed repair is the best solution for motorists faced with this type of car damage.

Car Key Damage: What Should I Do?

Car keying is an unlawful offense as it is an act of vandalism against someone else’s property.

Ensure you report the offense and details of the damage including location and timeframe to the non-emergency local police. You will be given a crime number to make an insurance claim. As well as alerting the local community to a criminal in your area.

Does My Insurance Cover Car Keyed Repair?

Once you have reported the crime to your local police station, or by calling 101, you will receive an official crime number, which will be necessary to make a claim on your car insurance.

However, there are some important factors to consider before making a claim:

  1. Will your insurance claim require you to pay an excess amount that is equal or more than the cost of carrying out the car keyed repair?
  2. Will making a claim for car keyed repairs bump up your insurance claim – it may not be worth the paperwork and insurance claim costs.
  3. Is the damage small enough to have the work carried out by a specialised car keyed repair technician quickly and easily by ChipsAway – call for a no-obligation quote to find out more.

Can Car Keyed Damage Be Repaired

There is no need to make an insurance claim or replace a whole body part on your car if you are the victim of car keyed damage.

If you are unlucky enough to be the victim of car keying, our local ChipsAway specialists are able to help get your car looking like new without any further fuss. This will, however, be dependent upon what size scratch has been inflicted and how deep the scratch has penetrated the bodywork. But it may work out a lot cheaper to arrange specialist car keyed repair than raise an insurance claim in the long run.

How To Avoid Keyed Car Damage

Avoiding intentional keyed car damage is difficult when you are not at fault. But deterring the perpetrator with some simple steps to reduce the risks of car keying damage is possible.

  • Park in a well-lit spot such as under a street lamp
  • Park on your driveway close to your home
  • Install surveillance cameras or video-doorbells which capture passers-by
  • Do not park too closely to others

How to fix Car Keyed Damage

If you notice a disheartening scratch in your car’s bodywork that is most likely car key damage, it may be a lot quicker and easier to fix than you think.

Car keyed repair services are most suitable for long unsightly scratched causes by a car key with intentional actions.

The time taken to repair a keyed car will vary depending on the size and depth of the scratch, but an expert at ChipsAway can asses the damage and have your car keyed repair complete in no time at all, and at a place to suit you.

Call or click for a quote today.

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