We’ve picked up a few hints and tips over the years when it comes to the best car cleaning techniques.

Having some dedicated time and tools to make cleaning your car a breeze after following our cleaning tips.

2022 Best Car Cleaning Care Roundup

1. Begin with the inside

It’s time to declutter, remove litter and gather all those lost items you swore you had lost forever.

This will make the deep clean much easier, especially if you take our car seats and other accessories to gather crumbs.

2. Brush away stubborn mess

Using a handheld dustpan and brush will loosen up any dry messes left on car seats and flooring, as well as dislodging stones that might damage a hoover nozzle. Once everything has been brushed down with some elbow grease, go over with the hoover to lift all remaining dust and debris.

3. Tackle the floor mats

If it’s a quick hoover job, then you might not need to move the car mats from the car, but if you notice mud and other sticky mess on or around the mats it’s a good idea to remove the mats and clean them separately. Use some liquid soap and brush to give them a good scrub before hosing away any stains and debris. Let them dry thoroughly outside to avoid any in-car odours.

4. Use gentle interior products

When it comes to cleaning car interiors, using a cleaning product you love will mean you can enjoy the smells you prefer. Using hot soapy water, damp cloth and suitable polish – clean all areas of your car including the steering wheel, inside door pockets and dashboard. Spray windows with window cleaner and dry thoroughly with a microfiber cloth to avoid streaks when the sunshine glares.

5. Banish lingering odours

Using pet or stubborn stain odour eliminating products regularly will help keep odurs from lingering and becoming unpleasant in your car.

Air fresheners and extra-strength aerosols are also handy to place in your car to combat stale smells and keep things fresh for your journey. Read instructions carefully and do not enter the car until fully vented and safe to do so. You can even take your favourite home interiors into your cars thanks to plug in diffusers now available for the ultimate interior car zen.

6. Soap up your exterior

There are a few car cleaning products every car owner should have – and a few can help speed things up too! Using snow foam is a fast and effective way to soap up your car exteriors. Work into the crevices and corners with a sponge before blasting the car exteriors entirely with a high-pressure hose or jet washer.

7. Dry with a fresh cloth

Use a microfiber cloth o dry your car after washing to remove and avoid streaks and water-marks on windows, as this will avoid all the water left on the surfaces. Leaving sparkling windows and mirrors to drive away in!

8. Detailed tyre care

Unfortunately, you might need to pay extra attention to your alloys as they are subject to road dust, grime and grit more than other areas! Use dedicated wheel cleaning products to clean and protect your alloys effectively. Before using a hand help brush (or even toothbrush!) to dislodge dirt, before hosing it down to perfection.

9. Tend to any damage

While cleaning your car help your car to keep looking its best, ignoring any dinks and scratches in the paintwork you find along the way could lead to prolonged damage. Exposed metal and scratched paintwork will of course create rust and further costs if left untreated.

While you may like to take care of small repair work at home, leaving it to the professional will guarantee a great job. ChipsAway has established itself for over 20 years and can provide high-quality repairs to minor car paintwork scratches, bumper scuffs and alloy wheels.

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